Our Approach

We combine a robust investment management process with financial planning and tax optimisation in order offer a holistic, fully independent wealth management service.

Who we can help

We are able to advise a broad range of clients from individuals to business owners, professionals, self-employed or those that are retired.  We have a wide range of expertise and have helped clients from a multitude of different backgrounds with a variety of different needs.

What we do

We combine a robust investment management process with financial planning and tax optimisation in order offer a holistic, fully independent wealth management service to help you to achieve your lifestyle objectives whilst having the peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care of.

We are able to assist in all areas of wealth management including the following:

Financial Planning and Modelling

This involves discussing with you what your goals and aspirations are and when you would like to...

Pension Advice and Retirement Planning

Pensions are one of the most tax efficient forms of investment due to the generous tax reliefs that are...

Savings and Investment Advice

It is always important to have some savings put away for emergencies or “rainy days”. However, with...

Retirement Income Options and Tax Planning

Having worked hard to save towards retirement, it is extremely important that you are aware of all of...

Ethically Managed Investments

Society in general has become much more concerned with ethical and sustainable issues over recent...

Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning and Family Wealth Transfer

HMRC themselves refer to this as a “voluntary tax”. However, given the increase in value of property...

Tax Incentivised Investment Schemes (VCT/EIS/SEIS)

These are designed to encourage investment into areas that will generally help towards the long-term...

Financial Protection

Although it is important to put money away to enable a better lifestyle later on in life, there are times...

Long Term Care Planning

There are a number of options and considerations when considering the best ways to provide for....

Your Journey

Step 1 Getting to know you
Step 2 Where are you now?
Step 3 Analysis of your situation
Step 4 Tailoring your plan
Step 5 Putting your plan into action
Step 6 Beginning your journey

Our Fees

Given the industry that we operate in, we feel that it is extremely important to be as transparent as possible, not only in terms of the service we will provide but also what we will charge for it. We acknowledge that for an individual or business to allow us  to help them with their savings takes a lot of trust and the only way that we can earn that trust is to be as transparent as possible from the outset.

Initial meeting

We are happy to arrange an initial meeting with you at our own expense.  This will give us the opportunity to discuss your objectives, how we are able to help with these and the work that this might entail.  There is no cost to you involved at this stage as it is merely an opportunity to work out whether we are able to help you fulfil your needs and to get to know you. We are happy to meet you in person or remotely by phone/online if preferred.

Follow up to the initial meeting, review of existing plans/financial position and preparation of a financial plan

During the initial meeting, we will discuss the process involved for conducting our initial research to assess what changes (if any) are needed to align your current position with your desired future position. This may involve contacting existing providers to assess whether any plans you already have in place are competitive and able to fulfil your needs. However, it may involve researching the market to source a new provider to set up a new plan to enable you to meet your objectives.

After our initial follow up which will outline our discussions from our meeting and next steps, we can then begin putting together a financial plan (if required).  By having this in place, it will allow you to better monitor where you are on your journey towards meeting your financial needs and we can monitor this on an ongoing basis so that you always know if you are on track to meet your goals and if not, what is required to bring you back on course.

Should you wish to go ahead with our recommendations, there is an initial implementation fee of 1% of the value invested (capped at a maximum of £5,000) to cover the costs of our initial research and providing the recommendation.  We believe that a capped fee allows us to cover the cost of providing the initial recommendation whilst ensuring that those who plan to invest or seek recommendations on larger savings are not unfairly treated.  The fee is based on the total amount invested for a family unit and the maximum fee is only charged once rather than being charged per individual.

Ongoing Review Service

The annual charges for our ongoing service are based on a tiered structure and are based on the amount invested as follows:

Total Funds Invested 

Annual Fee (%)













The charges are based on a flat fee so once the value of your plan passes the minimum value for each tier (as at the time of your annual review), the charges are reduced for the entire amount invested.  For the purposes of assessing the fees payable, the total combined investment across the entire family unit will be considered so that a single, lower charge is paid by everyone within the family.  For example, if you had £99,000 invested, you would pay a flat of fee of 0.875% p.a. (£866.25 p.a.).  However, if you were to contribute further funds or if investment growth increased the value to £101,000, you would then pay a flat fee of 0.75% across the whole investment going forward (£757.50 p.a.). We will also include the amount invested by any referrals when calculating the level of annual fee payable. 

Arrange a FREE, no obligation meeting

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